Monday, May 10, 2010

New Look. New Ideas. New New.

So, my dearest Internet, I have changed things up a bit and decided to add a few elements to my page in hopes to move away from conventional "jobs" so I can be a blogger/awesome writer full time.
My life has changed A LOT since I moved to Southern California last July. I've learned a lot about myself, about life, and about people (family, human nature, etc.). I feel like I've been searching for peace and purpose since I was 18. I hope and pray that I've found a way to feel more complete in these areas with the plan my NEW husband and I have.
So here's the idea: We live in the San Fernando Valley now where I have a great job (surrounded by numbnuts, but I can only be so picky)and where the sun shines everyday. Unfortunately, we came up with our fool-proof idea a little late to be able to stay out here so we are moving back home for a little while to pay off bills and get back on track. Then, we are going to start a new Lifestyle blog and travel around to different cities, staying a few weeks at a time to see how people live in different areas. One thing about the area that we come from, is that no one has any real perspective on life out side the shit hole that is Northwest Ohio.
For now, I'll be adding new types of posts that will be leading up to our new blog that should be ready in the next couple months or so. So, since today is Monday and Mondays are terrible by nature, I shall provide a small dose of smile. Thanks for stopping by! -SN

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