Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fuzzy Brained Wednesday

FYI I feel like I ate cotton balls and bubbles for breakfast. My head's empty. I have 342,378,465,237,846,529,873,465,872,634 things to get done and one very important part of me is non-functioning right now. I took my medicine and ate a healthy meal and downed a Pepsi Max, but I'm still a mindless idiot. I think I'll take the trash out and get part of my living room back. That should help. And if anyone's wondering, I friggin love not being at work all day. @ MyBoss: Don't think so highly of yourself and the effect you have on my life. I get to leave at 1 p.m. everyday and come home and watch hours upon hours of Fam Guy. I mean, I may not have extra money for frivolous things like food or warmth, but I'll survive. In the words of Andy Bernard, "You may have won this battle, but I'll win the next... battle."

My sister has a new blog now too. Fun! I love her. She's a keeper. I added her link to my list on the right so check it out and enjoy!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Postponed Post

I was going to get on here and write about how I found these sites where people have created lists of things to do in thier life, but Amy just called me to go to Target and pick out Easter basket items. I will finish this post with my own list (because heaven knows I need some goals!) later on. Peace friends! Go plant some flowers or ride your bike; it's gorgeous outside!

-Septiembre (September en espaƑol)