Monday, July 6, 2009

I just found this in the dirt

Story time! I was walking along the road today and I found this crumpled piece of paper resting beside a daisy.. Of course I picked up this seemingly innocent piece of garbage because I'm very Earth conscious (or maybe just nosey).. I found some peace in reading the thoughts scribbled on the page and thought I'd share. I'm sure we've all had a day like this person has. Enjoy!

"I feel like my life is someone else's stupid joke. Yeah well FU whoever's laughing because it's not funny. My boss is such a dick. I wish I could tell him to go F himself ... and throw that ugly Coach bag in his face. "Hey (boss) F OFF. You're not hot. You're a douche" He's so gross and totally ruins the case to date hot guys....Fucker. I want those glasses from Urban Outfitters that say that on them then send them to (boss) for his birthday. "Hey Happy Birthday Fucker". Yesterday was all down hill after work and since (bf) was actually really nice I'll have to take it all out on (boss) today. So Fuck him for screwing up school for me and making my dad leave again and for (bf) not taking me to his LAN party and let's not forget - my hours! Dickhole. I'd like to see him try to survive on less than $200/week. I mean, don't get me wrong - That's a more than fair wage in a 3rd world country. So maybe I should just STFU and be greatful. As I sit here and have ramen noodles for dinner..."

The rest was pretty torn up and I could barely read it. But you get the jist... I'm sure we've all had a boss like that who only cares about himself and days like that when things just don't go your way. I hope this disgruntled author has a better day coming up soon. For now, I will be thankful for the wonderful boss I have and all of the things he's done to help me out. Thanks BOSS!

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