Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Get Two Birds Stoned At Once

The dress I wore to my work banquet had this half-sweater that went over it and can be worn over other shirts too. I wore the half-sweater to work today with my favorite purple tank top, then notice the hook part of the hook-and-eye was about to fall off. I looked disheveled anyway this morning and with my shirt undone, I just looked like I was out drinking last night and wore that same outfit to work. So, I decided to take a chance and ask if anyone had a needle and thread and try to fix my shirt. Luckily someone did have a little sewing kit so I proceeded to sew the hook back on, totally not concerned what my boss would think. It felt so fulfilling to fix my shirt that I sewed the buttons back on my jacket too. I love sewing and making things and fixing things; it's so therapeutic for me. My next thought was 'I wonder how much more awesome this would feel if I could do this and get paid for it?' Probably pretty awesome. Doing what I love AND getting paid for it - getting two birds stoned at once. (I would love to take credit for that because it's so clever, but I can't. It's from Trailer Park Boys.) Anyway, the whole sewing kit thing made me think about what kinds of things should be kept in my purse .... Maybe later though. This post is boring me to death. It sounded like an interesting subject this morning, but its putting me to sleep now. Can I talk about how my job is sucking the life out of me instead? I don't mean to be a bitcher but goddammit work sucks. Have you ever felt like if you do the same thing one more time your soul might actually leave you in hopes of a better life somewhere else? I'm sure you have. And I'm sorry for that. I'm sorry, soul. I'm sorry you're stuck in my boring life with my boring job and dickhole boss. My roommate isn't any help either. Right now he's playing Saints Row with his friend on his headset. I'm sure it's fun for him, but it's hella lame for me. I'll try this again tomorrow, maybe I can muster the smallest bit of inspiration to write something the tiniest bit interesting.

Peace out.

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