Saturday, February 21, 2009

'I wake up every evening with a big smile on my face'

Oh, wow. Sorry about that last post; it's just unbearable to read and I sincerely apologize. I started taking Ritalin about a week ago and I was very skeptical at first but, after reading that post and having the day I had on Thursday, I realize that it's imperative I take it everysingleday for the rest of forever (and then I should probably still double up on it just to be safe). Sadly, it's somewhat of a joke in my family about our "ZDD" (our last name is Zucchinibread and we oh-so-cleverly switched the 'A' for the 'Z' and, well, you get it) because it's so obvious we all have it. We're a comically stereotypical big Italian family with ADD and if we had a reality show, it would be more of a mindf*ck to watch than anything E has to offer. Ok, moving on. I took some pictues and rounded up a few questions that will help us to get to know each other a little better. The questions are from a list I compiled while networking socially via MySpace and Facebook (no links here; everyone knows where these sites are and no one needs to be encouraged to join them). Enjoy, friends:

Where'd you get that fancy blog name?
> "No Name" was the name of the only jellyfish that Sponge Bob couldn't catch. It was the most special one to him since it was unattainable. (Deep, I know.)

What about that weirdo alias?
> It was my Second Life name. There was an episode of "The Office" where Jim finds Dwight's Second Life character so, naturally, I had to get on there and create my own avatar. The laptop I had at the time was outdated and the video card couldn't support the game properly so I didn't go very far with it.
Why do you abbreviate random words? It's not funny.
> I just do it. My brother started it, it rubbed off on me, and I never looked back.

Typical Myspace survey Q's

-Are you dating anyone, if so, who?
= Yes. The person I'm dating is referred to as "my roommate" on here.
-What is your current living situation?
= me+roommate+Butterball (fat cat) and Lucy ( baby rat)

-What are you listening to?
= the steady hum my roommate's computer and the media center computer. And The All American Rejects

-Best way to start the day?
= With Beaners and Hawaiian music.

Facebook - Random Things about me
a. The only bottled water I drink is Dasani.
b. I can't have music on while I'm writing because all of my thoughts turn to singing the song that's on.
c. 'When you see my face I hope it gives you hell.' See, I told you. I can't do it
d. I've been effin' around all morning and I forgot to get shoes + stuff for my work banquet tonight!

Picture time.
1. Sugar Free Mocha Hazelnut Skim Grande not hot!
2. My littlest sister and me when I was 15. she was only a couple months old then :) She's 8 now!
3. Ganesha - my Vday gift to my roommate last year
4. A picture Hal took of a Red Panda; he framed it and send it to me. It's very special to me because it a sense, it is me.

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